Sea-Run Fish Stickers (Set of 5)
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Sea-Run Fish Stickers (Set of 5)

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The coasts and rivers of Maine are home to 11 species of anadromous or sea-run fish. These are fish that begin their life in a river, flow out to sea as babies and eventually return to their birth river when its time to spawn. Its a magical cycle and here are some stickers to honor their journey. The stickers vary in length and height but are all made of durable adhesive vinyl.
The set of 5 includes:

-Atlantic Sturgeon (11 inches)- 
-Atlantic Salmon (9 inches)- 
-Striped Bass (8 inches)-
-Alewife (7 inches)-
-Rainbow Smelt (7inches)-
In honor of conservation and education $5 ($1 from each sticker) will be donated to KELT or the Kennebec Estuary Land Trust, a mid-coast Maine conservation organization that aims to protect and conserve the immense bio-diversity found within the Kennebec Estuary.
All artwork is original and done by Isabella-Zoe (me)
Printed with skill and care in Brunswick, ME