Atlantic Salmon Vinyl Sticker
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Atlantic Salmon Vinyl Sticker

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The Atlantic Salmon. 
 The Salmon is a keystone species, meaning they uphold entire ecosystems with their existence. They are sacred for the gift of life they bestow upon humans and the Earth alike. 
Our recent treatment of this incredible being is unacceptable. Atlantic Salmon, once abundant in our rivers as free fish, are now only known for being farmed. Dams have nearly wiped out wild Atlantic Salmon from the coastal waters of Maine. The Indigenous people that call this land home remember the Salmon that once ran in these rivers, and the salmon remember too, still returning to the tall walls of dams every year in fewer and fewer numbers. 
I hope this sticker will one day be obvious for people to recognize because we were able to create a world where they could finally come home.
Please learn about the expired dams in your area, talk about them, work to remove them. Dams have had catastrophic consequences to our many neighbors that cannot speak out for their own survival.
For some uplifting news about Atlantic Salmon in Maine check out The Penobscot River Restoration Project :
This sticker is 9 inches long and made of durable adhesive vinyl
As with all the sea-run fish stickers - $1 goes to Maine Rivers 
The original artwork is done by Isabella-Zoe
Printed with skill and care in Brunswick, ME