Pilot Field Notes...


I am really hoping this blog will be a space to take a deeper dive into the entities you find in each box, many of them are naturally occurring like wild yarrow or amber and have incredibles stories, others such as olive oil soap or tea towels are made from a mix of naturally occurring materials and have different types of stories. I hope this 'blog'...you know what - lets choose a different word...I never really liked that word...too bloggy for my likes. How bout 'Field notes'. I like fields, I like notes. 

The focus for the next couple months will be on the living materials chosen for Fall's box. Many of them gathered or made during summer months. 

Also with these field notes will hopefully be short updates on environmental news here in the Northeast. There's a lot going on here environmentally speaking, some (if not most) of which does not get the press coverage it deserves. Additionally I am a BIG advocate for river health here in Maine, so expect some updates on that front.

It will be a smattering of this and that for sure but rest assured it will not be an endless scroll.